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23 December 2015

The Sedgefield business has been nominated by Justin Urquhart-Stewart, a regular TV market commentator and co-founder of Seven Investment Management

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30 November 2015

North East developer of sleep masks to treat diabetic retinopathy made the move to support the growth of its product

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25 November 2015

Watch Richard’s section in a Sky News segment on the latest spending cuts.

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24 November 2015

George Osborne will update the nation on the government’s plans for the economy tomorrow, delivering The Autumn Statement alongside a Spending Review. Read what Richard Kirk along with other North East businesses want to see ahead of Budget Day.

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14 November 2015

A patient with diabetes who feared going blind is pinning her hopes on a pioneering sleep mask to save her sight.

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13 November 2015

David Stoddart, of Barnard Castle, hopes the Noctura 400 sleep mask, created by PolyPhotonix, at NETPark, Sedgefield, can save his sight

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04 November 2015

PolyPhotonix innovation ‘bridges the gap between optometry and pharmacy’, says LloydsPharmacy boss

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03 November 2015

PolyPhotonix, BQ’s recently crowned Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, has tied up a major deal with LloydsPharmacy to promote its innovative sleep mask

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01 November 2015

- Noctura 400 is safe and it works
- Light reduces retina’s need for oxygen and stops blood vessels forming
- Condition has previously been treated with invasive and damaging treatments
- Mask costs less than £3 a day – less than the price of a coffee

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